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Located in the heart of Mérida's historic center, within the vibrant Santiago neighborhood, Kuka & Letras awaits with 3 private rooms, a charming terrace, a cozy living room, and a refreshing pool.


Step into this century-old residence that seamlessly combines colonial architecture, art, literature, poetry, and exquisite design. And to start your day right, relish a delightful breakfast included with all our rooms. Kuka & Letras stands as the perfect haven to enhance your adventures in the enchanting Yucatan Peninsula.

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Kuka & Letras is a gateway to another realm, a realm brimming with enchantment, beckoning the traveler to contemplate their own existence, their personal history, and their very origins.


Here, you'll reside within the home of Clara, a fictional character brought to life through the inspiration of literature, art, architecture, and poetry. Clara is a Franco-Mexican Poet who, after a quarter-century of dwelling far from her hometown, has returned to rekindle her connection to roots that time had begun to desiccate.

And now, as you find yourself here, have you ever wondered why you've embarked on this journey? What is it that you seek, and where do your origins lie?

Kuka & Letras encourages you to embark on this introspective odyssey and perhaps uncover your own unique narrative within its magical confines.

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