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The little hotel "Kuka y Naranjo" tells us another way to see the conquest, located in the heart of the historic center of Merida, in the neighborhood of San Juan, this hotel aims to unite the links of history by rescuing the cultural exchange that exists in the city. "


La kuká", a palm native to Yucatan, knows the Naranjo, who arrived in the same boat as the Spaniards (due to confusion, since he really came from the Middle East but was in turn taken to Spain by the Moors) in the Conquer time. It was an unthinkable relationship, impossible to mix with each other after everything that happened. It was so improbable, as with the passing of the years together would form what is now Merida, a colonial city that has grown with the roots and wisdom of the Kuká and the sweet bitterness of the Naranjo.


In the house we can observe these two characters, who were preserved so that their story lasts and continues to expand its roots in the heart of the city. Renewing itself through the years and filling with life the spaces that are full of history.



Kuká y Naranjo was born with the purpose of promoting the Yucatecan culture through sustainable experiences that promote community development and cultural preservation.


We believe that preserving the traditions and wisdom passed on from generation to generation is an extremely important process for the development of our identity as a Mexican people.


We invite our guests and the community to enter this process of discovery and reconnection with ancient Mexico. A Mexico that despite and through the years, continues to shelter our soul with colors and legends, with flavors, songs, landscapes and that particular magic that is lived within the culture of our peninsula.



Tourism is an excellent engine to help us protect the natural and cultural wealth of the territories and create economic and development opportunities in the region visited.


But over the years, conventional tourism has been transformed and has invasively damaged the territories, accelerating environmental degradation and the cultural transformation of the area.


What we are looking for in this project is to apply a model of sustainable tourism in which we transform the tourist impact so that it again positively influences the territory, respecting and helping to preserve the natural, cultural and social environments.


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We base our principles and values ​​on a triple sustainability model, divided into three areas:


Environmental awareness: We promote the consumption of locally produced and seasonal foods, the care and use of renewable energies (for example, we have our own biogas generator and fertilizer from organic waste), the effective management of water and waste, the importance of the 3 r's (reduce, reuse and recycle), green mobility, among others.


Cultural preservation: We promote local and ecological tourism, we work with local artisans to promote the cultural identity of the region, we help to conserve local plant species, we restore many old furniture to give them new life, we are supporting and organizing community workshops given by people from the community in which the exchange of knowledge is encouraged.


Solidarity economy: We believe in the importance of short trade chains, as well as fair trade and quality of employment. We promote the consumption of local products promoting free competition in the market.

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