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Community Workshops
Asociativity between producers
Short Circuits
Organic / Agroecologic
Less Waste!
Cleaning Products
Documentary Screening
Shared Spaces
Bartering of knowledge 

In order to fulfill our purpose, we developed a system based on triple sustainability, in which, through certain principles and values, we regularized our activities to generate a positive impact on the development and cultural preservation of the community.

Environmental Awareness
Cultural Preservation
Solidary Economy
Conciencia ambiental
We seek to minimize the distance that food must travel from the moment of harvest until it reaches your plate, in order to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with its transportation. We work hard so that our kitchen ingredients are of local origin.
We understand the importance of respecting the seasonal cycles of the earth, for this reason we consume fruits and vegetables respecting the seasons and origin of their harvest, ceasing to contaminate with the importation of what can not be harvested here in certain seasons.
We have a small garden where we love to grow our own tisanes and some of our fruits and vegetables.
"You are what you eat", that is why we take care that our food is healthy and does not have application of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical inputs and harmful to our body.
Organic / Agroecologic

Thanks to the solar panels, we take advantage of the rays of our sun that besides giving us a good tan also helps us generate green energy and reduce our energy impact by approx. 50%

Led lights

We have LED bulbs, which help us consume 25% of the electricity we would consume using conventional bulbs.


In a city as sunny as Merida, heat can also be used to heat water through solar panels and enjoy a good shower without using so much energy.

Short Showers


We ask our guests for awareness in order to reduce our water consumption and thus help to preserve and care for the aquifers!

Natural Pool

To clean a normal pool it is necessary to apply chlorine constantly and this does us a lot of damage. Our pool has a natural cleaning system which helps your skin feel better and fresher. Besides not polluting our body and the earth with so much chemical.

75% of the Yucatan cenotes are contaminated with waste from our activities. Therefore, we use ecological products that generate the least possible impact and biodegrade in a short time. Let's stop polluting our cenotes!
Cleaning Products

We look for inputs that generate the least "garbage" possible, so we have mechanisms such as soap dispensers, shampoo, among others in the area of ​​cleaning and cooking. Less garbage, the planet thanks you!

Less Waste!
We re-use our organic waste to generate our own compost and take care of our plants. As well as to generate our own bio-gas and take advantage of it for our consumption, helping to reduce the exploitation of fossil fuels.
In Mexico every day we generate 117,000 tons of garbage, of which 70% go to rivers and forests and ravines. To help reduce the amount of waste we have an effective waste management system and we seek to raise awareness in our guests and community about the importance of reuse and recycling.


80% of air pollution is emitted by vehicles, causing thousands of deaths per year due to our poor air quality, can you believe it? We promote green mobility to reduce the generation of CO2 in the atmosphere by renting bicycles with which you can travel the city without polluting the planet.

No to plastic!

Every year more than 8 tons of plastics are dumped into the oceans, which are also overexploited! We invite our guests to use the water bottles that we bridle upon arrival, so they do not have to buy plastic bottles while they are touring.

Promoción cultural
Local Tourism


In conventional tourism only about 20% of the income in local businesses remains. This is why we promote tourism organized and managed directly by the community, so that they can retain most of the income and not foreign companies, and the tourist knows closely the culture and traditions of the community.

Ecologic Tourism


Traditional tourism destroys local culture, degrades the environment and disguises the community with establishments of foreign products. We seek to promote eco-tourism in areas of conservation that promote cultural and ecosystem diversity, respecting the community, culture and natural areas.

Local Flavours


The cuisine of Mérida is one of the most recognized at national level, which you can find in our dishes, as well as varieties of local fruits and vegetables, which help to preserve the gastronomic diversity of our country.



We work with artisans, carpenters and local artists to promote local cultural identity. Many of our furniture was restored to have new life and others were built with different types of recycled wood.

Preservation of Native Plants


In Mexico there are around 2,557 species and subspecies in the risk category (extinction, threat, special protection). We seek to help preserve our species of native and local plants, so you can find some in our gardens.

The hotel is a space that is available to our guests and the community, in which if they wish to give a workshop or course, make an exhibition or activity, they can schedule it at reception and we will gladly help them.
Shared Spaces
Preserving the culture and traditions of the community is of great importance for the diversity of our country. At the hotel we seek to create spaces in which the community and guests can interact and exchange knowledge and experiences.
Bartering of Knowledge
We have a weekly space where we project documentaries with different themes that promote sustainable culture: ecological, social, among others. Inviting guests and the community to be aware of their environmental impact and bring sustainability practices into their daily lives.
Documentary Screening
We offer different workshops and activities in which our guests and the community are invited to participate. Such as yoga, plant your garden, etc.
Community Workshops